Progetto oggetto di contributo da parte della Regione Veneto nell’ambito del bando POR FESR 2014-2020 – Bando per l’erogazione di contributi alle imprese del settore manifatturiero e dell’artigianato di servizi – Misura 3.1.1 Sub-Azione A – DGR n. 1444 del 15/09/2016


The project consists in the purchase, installation, testing and commissioning of an automatic machine called "tablet press", intended to produce food supplement tablets, starting from the raw material in powder form.

The project was born following the identification of the following problems to be solved and opportunities to be developed:

- Need to increase company productivity up to 50,000 tablets / hour, in order to acquire contracts for third parties for high production batches, which the company would be able to access by virtue of its excellent visibility on the market (sales on Amazon, social marketing etc)

- Need to contain production times

- Opportunity to have a weight control system capable of guaranteeing the constancy, on each individual tablet, of the weight declared in the technical specification.

- Opportunity to reduce, per unit of product, energy and lubricant consumption for production, in order to increase the operating margin and / or implement specific commercial policies.

The project, with an initially estimated total cost of € 135,000.00, is subject to a capital contribution by the Region for an amount of € 60,750.00.

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