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Vegetarian protein burger

biolineintegratori - Burger vegetariano

Prepare your veggie burgers using the Bio Line blend in a few simple steps.

You can try tasty burgers that are high in protein and fiber.

Vegetarian Burger - powdered preparation for burgers suitable for vegetarians


  • Preparation: 5 minutes
  • Cooking: 10 minutes

Yields for 1 burger:

  • Bio Line Vegetarian Burger Powder Mix: 50 g
  • Natural water: 60 ml
  • Olive oil: 1 tbsp


1) Place 50 g of the preparation for Vegetarian Burger in a bowl. Mix the mixture with 60 ml of water (add the water a little at a time) and 5 ml of olive oil;
2) Continue to knead until a uniform dough is obtained;
3) Model the dough to obtain the characteristic shape;
3) Preheat a non-stick griddle or pan and cook for a few minutes per side.

Vegetarian Burger preparation video

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