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Kyowa Quality BCAA supplements

Among those who have some experience in the branched chain amino acid supplement industry is probably someone who has already come across the term Kyowa Quality® (KQ) alongside many products based on BCAA. Companies that manufacture their own supplements starting with Kyowa amino acids they are many, by virtue of the high quality that distinguishes them. THE BCAA Kyowain fact, they have long established themselves internationally as products of the highest quality and are increasingly in demand.

In order to facilitate our users in the search and choice of products Bioline Supplements best suited to your needs, we will try to explain, with this article, what i BCAA Kyowa, why they are the best on the market and which products Bioline contain them.

BCAA Kyowa Quality® what are they?

The brand Kyowa Quality® belongs to Kyowa Kirin Co., Ltd., a Japanese company founded in 1949 and soon becoming a world leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, and identifies a line of pure amino acids and related compounds. These raw materials are subsequently processed and used for the production of supplements that can boast the wording Kyowa Quality®.

Also Bioline Supplements offers one line of products made with amino acids BCAA Kyowa.

In particular we are talking about:

Bioline Supplements offers a range of BCAA Kyowa Quality® and vitamin B6 which takes the name of Ram 3. These are available in different solutions and with different dosages (for further information, refer to this article or at dedicated section of the shop), including a variant created by processing Kyowa amino acids.

But what makes the quality of the BCAA Kyowa Quality® higher?

BCAA Kyowa Quality® - superior quality

The great success of the Kyowa amino acids finds its reasons in the production process implemented by Kyowa itself.

To avoid excessively long and technical explanations, which can be tedious, we will omit here the detailed description of all the stages of the process. In these lines we will limit ourselves to illustrating some of the most important and functional features for our purpose.

Let's start by saying that all Kyowa Quality® amino acids they are made through natural fermentation and not, as often happens, through chemical synthesis. This prevents the synthesis of harmful substances from occurring in parallel with the production of amino acids, allowing the product to maintain a purity rate of 100%, as well as reducing the environmental impact to zero.

Another very important aspect of the BCAA Kyowa consists in the strict control that is maintained on the product during all stages of processing, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and innovative methods.

As further proof of the quality of the product, we conclude this chapter by emphasizing that the products KQ comply with the requirements set by the main international Pharmacopoeias, including the European Pharmacopoeia, a sort of manual, inaugurated in 1974 and now in its tenth edition, which lists the general principles, rules and prohibitions relating to drugs and has been ratified by almost all Member States of the European Union.


We conclude this short article with a clarification. So far we have talked about KQ products only with regard to BCAAs, but, as mentioned in the introduction, Kyowa does not only deal with branched chain amino acids but also with other compounds.

Specifically, we want to mention another product from the shop Bioline Integratori bearing the wording Kyowa Quality®:

It is a supplement of glutamine, a very important polar amino acid in the digestive process, thanks to the quality guaranteed bythe Kyowa amino acids.

If this article was useful to you, you just have to visit ours shop Bioline Supplements and try ours BCAA Kyowa!

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