Agar Agar Powder - E406 gluten free food product

Agar Agar is a powdered food product obtained from such marine algae GelidiumAhnfeltia or Gracilaria  with the European name E406.

Gluten free


250g jar with measuring cup

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Agar Agar boasts a high gelling power (SM 300) due to the high content of soluble fibers. Chemically Agar Agar is a linear polymer formed by units of galactose; it comes in the form of a whitish powder, tasteless and insoluble in cold water. However, its solubility increases considerably at temperatures around 80-90 ° C. Gelation will take place after hot dissolution and subsequent cooling to room temperature.

Agar Agar is not absorbed by the digestive system, which results in a low calorie intake to the body.

Agar Agar is tasteless, does not alter the organoleptic properties of the final product and it is for this characteristic that it finds its main use in the food sector. Agar Agar is a valid vegetable substitute for the most common gelling substances such as gelatin, better known by the name isinglass, of animal origin.

Gluten free

Ingredients: Agar Agar

Nutritional information: 

Average analysis

For 100 g








of which saturated






of which sugars





Fibers g


Proteins g


salt mg


The attached measuring cup contains about 3.3 g of product.

Add the required amount of powder (approximately 0.2 - 2%) dispersing it in the cold liquid (water, milk ...), bring to 90 ° C while maintaining the temperature for 3 minutes under continuous stirring with a whisk. Gelation will take place after cooling to room temperature.

NB: only after cooling will it be possible to evaluate the consistency of the gel, however, given the reversibility of the gelled product, by heating again the initial liquidity conditions will be restored and it will be possible to add more powder in case of too liquid gel, or other liquid case of too thick gel. The operation must be repeated until the desired consistency is obtained.

To replace animal gelatin (isinglass): use a quantity of Agar Agar equal to 80 - 100% of the weight of animal gelatin depending on the type of preparation.

Do not take Agar Agar at the same time as drugs; fiber may decrease or slow the absorption of some drugs.

The product fears light and humidity: close the jar immediately after use.

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Agar Agar Powder - E406 gluten free food product

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