Aglupectin® LA-S20 (Pectin) Powder - Food Product E440 (ii)

Aglupectin® LA-S20 is a powdered food product based on amidated pectin with the European name E440 (ii).


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Aglupectin® LA-S20 is a low-grade methoxyl starch pectin (25-35), extracted from citrus peels for food use. Aglupectin® LA-S20 is used for the production of standard jams and jams with a reduced sugar content, it can be used with different types of fruit, in variable quantities and with different degrees of ripeness and acidity.

Aglupectin® LA-S20 is a soluble fiber, consisting mainly of units of galacturonic acid linked together through linear bonds.

As a soluble fiber it is able to create a very viscous gel in aqueous environment, particularly useful from a culinary point of view. The taste is slightly sweet, however it does not significantly alter the organoleptic properties of the product.

Aglupectin® LA-S20 is capable of forming hot gels over a wide pH range (2.6 - 7).

Aglupectin® is a registered trademark owned by Silva Extracts Srl

Produced by:
Silva Extracts Srl - Rende (CS)

Packaged and distributed by:
Laboratori Bio Line Srl - Canaro (RO)

Ingredients: Amidated low-methoxy pectin (E440ii), Dextrose.

Nutritional information: 

Average analysis  

For 100 g








of which saturated






of which sugars





Fibers g


Proteins g


salt g


NB: The enclosed measuring cup contains 3.5 grams of product

In the culinary field, the dosage of pectin in food products is between 0.5 and 1%. The pectin must be completely dissolved to ensure its complete use and to avoid the formation of lumps. The best method to prepare this solution is to pre-mix the pectin with sugar in a ratio of 1: 3 and disperse it, under stirring, in hot water (85 - 90 ° C) with a high-speed immersion mixer, maintaining the solids content. soluble below 20%.

Recommended Dosages:

The dosage of pectin varies according to the ratio of fruit and sugar, for example:

- jams with fruit 70% and sugar 30%: pectin dosage = 1% (10 g / kg of jam);

- jams with fruit 50% and sugar 50%: pectin dosage = 0.75% (7.5 g / kg of jam);

- jams with fruit 30% and sugar 70%: pectin dosage = 0.5% (5 g / kg of jam).

Do not take Aglupectin® LA-S20 at the same time as drugs; fiber may decrease or slow the absorption of some drugs.

The product fears light and humidity: close the jar immediately after use.

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